Women of AlBustan visits AlJalazoun women.


As part of the psychosocial support program that works to empower and develop women’s groups in Al-Bustan neighborhood in Silwan, Al-Bustan Silwan women’s group made a social recreational visit to Ramallah to visit the women of Al-Jalazoun camp, arranging joint activities and exchanging ideas and psychological synergy.

The visit included implementation of some activities with Rima Abdeen, the social worker of the association, and ended with the work of a joint mural that brought the dreams, aspirations and conditions of the women of Silwan and the women of Jalazoun camp.

The activities were concluded with women going to relax in the Turkish bath in the city of Balou in an ambiance of energies of happiness and hope.

From her side, Reema Abdeen, praised the importance of this activity in the series of activities of the Women’s Association. They also discussed the common circumstances between the two regions, such as arrests, closures, and others, as well as the effectiveness of drawing a “mural” that expressed synergy and a sense of solidarity from both sides to the other.

She added: “The opportunity to visit the Turkish bath was complementary to one of the contents of the meetings, which specialize in guiding women to build healthy relations with themselves and the love of themselves.”