Turkish deputy Huseyin tanriverdi visits Al-bustan association/silwan


Turkish deputy Huseyin tanriverdi visits Al-bustan association/silwan

Al bustan association Silwan welcomed the Turkish deputy Huseyin tanriverdi and his wife in an official visit to get an idea of the association activities and about the surrounding conditions the village passes by.
Kutaybah Odeh, the chairman of board of directors, Dr. Amani odeh,member of an administrative body, the lawyer Ameer Maragha and the advanced team from the Taekwondo team led by master mohammed tufakji who coordinated for this visit ,were at the reception.
The deputy’s visit to Palestine comes after choosing and honor him as the Palestinian-Turkish public persona from an ancient palestinian institutions
For his support and his presidency in “Victory Union of Palestine and Jerusalem” and his interest in Jerusalem issues.

‏The visit ended by hosting the deputy on an evening night in which he discussed the conditions of Jerusalem, the aspirations of its youth and its privacy, and the ways to invest the youth sectors in it, directing his message to Jerusalemites in general with the necessity of steadfastness and perseverance and defining the world that the Palestinian is distinguished in all aspects of life, supporting their steadfastness and he said that Jerusalem is no less important to him than Ankara and Istanbul.
In his entrances to the president of the association, kutaybah Odeh, in which he thanked the deputy and his wife for their friendly visit despite their busy schedule and their interest in what they saw in Silwan, which is strange for them, thanking the continuity of their interest in students and their permanent question about them even after their return from travel and stressed the importance of these visits that open the way for sports youth and society to share their dreams And his ambitions with the global community.

‏ In the speech of the master, in which he thanked The deputy Hussein for fulfilling his call and interest throughout the years with sporting regiments visiting Turkey with a view to training, and thanked him for his interest in the taekwondo team in Al-Bustan and its youth and his constant follow-up to them and his keenness to open opportunities for them to advance and to establish a valid sporty generation of Jerusalem residents.

‏ The meeting ended with symbolic honors, and the students presented commemorative shields that conveyed their thanks to this man who set an example in the love of Jerusalem. He also honored them in turn and promised them in many upcoming and fruitful meeting