In a cooperation with the French Federation of Lobar Sports (FSGT).

Al-bustan association Silwan conclude a course for trainers and athletes of different sports specializing in handball and athletic in the first training phase. The traineeship will be distributed over three years.
The first phase of an intensive five-day training course in which the training passed a series of activities and trainings, in addition to the theoretical section in which the trainers analyzed their the data collected during their training.coaches who have participated are: Mohmmad Al Tofakji, Jad Alah Al ghoul, Safaa Al Salymeh, Enas Siam, Majdolen Bashiti, Elham Joulani, Hamzeh Abbasi, Mousa Odeh and Mohammad Abu shafeh, and from the activators: Saed Al Abbasi, Yousef Al Risheq, Adam Badran, Malak Sumren, Suhaib Al Qunbar, Ismael Awidah ,Yazan Al ghoul, Mohammad Abbasi, Ezz Alden Al abbasi, Huda Alzaghal, Dania Karaki, Maryam Alqaq, Ahmad Attieh, Waqas Shweiki and Ibrahem muner.

The course was concluded with the implementation of a sports festival for children which was divided into a series of stations in the form of games and sports competitions.

In a speech of Kutaybeh Odeh-Chairman of Board of directors of Albustan association silwan- thanked the french federation of lobar sports FSGT and the french trainers for their cooperation and interest in developing the skills of athletes in Palestine, he also praised the future vision and effectiveness in the implementation of the program.
He also thanked Albustan coaches and activators for their commitment in this intensive course, which can considered strategic and expanded their perceptions.
And as a result of this program, their will be an exchange between the French side and Palestinian side which will be represented in Jerusalem and will be organized by Albustan Silwan association.

Odeh promised the community of a series activities to spread a public health and sports concepts to all, in a clear message “a healthy body, a healthy mind and a goal is the sport for all” .