As a second international participation, Al-Bustan football team leaves to Spain

As a second international participation

As a second international participation, Al-Bustan football team
leaves to Spain

Al-Bustan football team had left last weenk to participate in the international DonostiCup tournament in San Sebastian – Basque region of the northern Spain, it is one of the biggest tournaments in southern Europe, and it has been held for more than 20 years with participation of nearly 600 teams from all over the world. It is the second participation of the association, while the first was in 2014.The head of the delegation participating in the tornament, which will was held from 7-13 of July, the chairman of the board of directors Kutaybah Odeh, and board members: Dr. Amani Odeh, the association’s friend the businessman Mussa Odeh, and the crew trainers Mr. Mohammad Abbasi, Mr. Murad Bannoura, and Captain Hassan Abbasi. The team consists of 16 players: Mutasem Natsheh (Goalkeeper), Jumaa Odeh,
Nadim Qudsi, Wafa Al Salaymeh, Mohammad Shabaneh, Nadeem Warasneh, Muhannad Awadallah, Adam Rwaidi, Ahmad Ayyash, Hadi Al Ghoul, Sabri Abu Diab, Abd AlRahman Abd Al Haq, Salim Halabia, Khalil Abbasi, Samir Odeh, and Mohammad Qarain. Upon their arrival, the team met with the Palestinian Ambassador in Spain, Dr. Kifah Odeh, who participated in the presence of the President of the International Championship, Inigo Olizola, in the olive tree planting event in front of the International Real Sociedad Stadium. International solidarity with the Palestinian cause, and the head of delegation Qutaiba Odeh presented a symbolic plaque presented on behalf of the Society to the Palestinian Ambassador, thanking him for his interest in visiting the team and their participation in the olive tree planting.

This event came within a week full of matches and events in which the team played Jerusalem and the capital Palestine in a dignified manner  and high level of sports despite the difference in comparison to the levels of participating teams that the championship ranks among the strongest international tournaments in the world, and despite the lack of qualification but the rich experience had a great impact The children who raised their message to the world that the Palestinian right to exist and dream and the right to exercise his talents and access to the crew.

As part of its preparations, Al Bustan Silwan recently organized a sport camp for the team in Al-Amal City for Sports in Jericho. The training program included exercises in special life skills in football and theoretical lectures related to the tactical and functional aspects of the players. The training sessions also included psychological aspects and physical skills. The team has played a series of friendly matches with various sports clubs in recent months, the main objective of which was to prepare players for the international championship in Spain. For his part, Captain Mohammed Abbasi said that the team strong competition that represents Palestine in general and Jerusalem, especially the best representation to raise the name of the capital. Kutaybah Odeh said that this opportunity comes within the framework of building capacity and enhancing talents and opening the gates of the world for young and giving those opportunities to improve their talents. The participation of the football team came after the circus and Parkour team which had a training course in France. Added: “The Palestinian flag, along with the flags of the participating countries and the interest in highlighting the Palestinians and their presence in a world championship with the signature of the biggest teams and organizers, gives a clear message of solidarity with the aspirations and dreams of the Palestinian people. For the message that the team brought to him for a decent life and the right to exercise his life”

These opportunities give experiences and preserve the Palestinian identity and achieve the ambition and dreams of young people and children in Silwan, under the vision “one day, we will be what we need” and carrying the slogan “steadfast is a lifestyle towards freedom” to deliver the message of Jerusalemite steadfast to all countries of the world. It is worth mentioning that the Al Bustan neighborhood is named Al Bustan neighborhood in the town of Silwan, which is threatened with demolition and eviction. It has more than 88 houses and it is inhabited by about 1500 Palestinians. Since 2004, the municipality has been trying to demolish it to turn it into a biblical garden.