Al Bustan team won medals at Palestine International Taekwondo Championship


Jerusalem / Silwan

AlBustan Media Unit – Photo by: Mohammad Abu Sbeih, Shahd Hasanat

Al-Bustan Association team (Dragon Team) participated in the 4th International Taekwondo Championship held by the Palestinian Taekwondo Federation and hosted by Al-Najah University for three days, with Master Mohammed Al-Tufakji with 14 players:

  • Khader Sumrein
  • Mahmoud Abu Shafe’
  • Malak Sumrein
  • Yassmine Awad
  • Ahmad Salaymeh
  • Yousef Salaymeh
  • Abd AlKareem Rwaidi
  • Zaid Abu Nab
  • Suhaib Qunbar
  • Mohammad Abbassi
  • Waqqas Shweiki
  • Ezzedine Abbassi
  • Ahmad Atiyeh
  • Isma’eel Aweidah

Six of them won medals: Suhaib Qunbar won a gold medal, Malak Sumrein and Yassmine Awad received silver medals. While Waqqas Shweiki, Mohammad Abbasi and Ezzedine Abbasi won bronze medals.

In his speech, Kutaybah Odeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Bustan Association Silwan, thanked the coach for his efforts to refine the participants’ personalities and trainings to suit such international participation. He also thanked the parents for their confidence in the association, supporting the training in the run-up to the tournament, hoping that the daily training and perseverance will be their way to distinguish, and that their efforts were not in vain. Providing his full support to them in their activities and giving them space for prominence and pursuing their dream to achieve the goal.

From his side, the association’s Master, Mr. Mohammad Tufakji, said: “Many thanks for The Palestinian Taekwondo Federation, represented by Dr. Bashar Abd-AlJawad, for holding this international-Palestinian championship, and making it as comfortable as possible for the players”.

He also thanked Al Bustan Association Silwan, represented by Mr. Kutaybah Odeh, and Dr. Amani Odeh for supporting the team and opening the doors of the association for daily trainings, and for their moral and material support to qualify the team for this tournament and accompanying them throughout the tournament.

In the end, he thanked his students who worked hard to won their medals, saying that they were the best ambassador of this sport from Jerusalem.

This participation is part of an ongoing series of activities carried out by Al Bustan team from local and international activities, camps and tournaments in order to promote this sport to the highest level.