Al Bustan’ Taekwondo of Silwan participates in a training camp and a championship abroad

Al Bustan’ Taekwondo of Silwan participates in a training camp and a championship abroad

Al-Tufkaji: Al-Bustan’ Taekwondo delegation has completed preparations and is ready to travel.

The Taekwondo team of Al Bustan Association Silwan has completed its preparatory trainings, getting ready to leave to participate in a sports training camp and a sports tournament in Turkey.

Master Mohammed Al-Tufkaji thanked the host club in Turkey and praised the efforts of the participating players and their commitment to the training period and preparation for participation in the tournament and the training camp that will precede them, pointing out that these participations are important and pivotal in the formation of athletes on a world-level to gain confidence and ability to learn and acquire skills from outside. He also thanked the management of Al Bustan Association Silwan for its interest and support to the team, praising their community efforts to support athletes, especially in the development and dissemination of taekwondo sport. From his part, chairman of the board of directors of Al Bustan Association Silwan, Kutaybah Odeh, praised the continuous efforts of the coach and his team to develop this sport on a professional level, supporting the youthful thinking and talents that seek to raise the name of Palestine and Jerusalem the capital highly, under the vision of “one day, we will be what we want to be”.

It is worth mentioning that this participation is the third of Al Bustan Association Silwan outside Palestine this year, where the Circus and Parkour team traveled to France, the football team to Spain, and the Taekwondo team for Turkey.

All delegations took the name of the Al Bustan neighborhood of Silwan, which is threatened with  demolition and displacement, in all forums and events, emphasizing the right of children and youth to live.