Al-Bustan scouts group roved Silwan neighborhoods on the occasion of the prophet’s birthday.


Association’s Information unit (Shahd Hassanat, Ali Dowani)

Jerusalem – Silwan

Al-bustan scouts group roved in Jerusalem neighborhoods and streets in commemoration of the prophet’s birthday.
Kutaybah Odeh, chairman of board of Directors, Haitham abu Tayeh and Ameer Maragha members of the board, and othee members of Silwan clans: Ahmad Sumrein and Munther Siam, Chairman of the committee for the defense of land and real estate in Silwan Murad abu shafea, and the Director of Silwan’s institutes gathering Fawzi Sha’ban were participated in the first row.

Where the scout march began from wadi hilweh neighborhood which is adjacent to the wall of Jerusalem passing through Ein Silwan and AL-Bustan neighborhood right down to Bir Ayoub and ended in Ein Al-Lozeh.
Raised during the scout march, national flags, scout banners and the banner of ‘we will not forget you’ to the deceased of Silwan and Jerusalem Ali Rawhi Daana.
On Sunday, the scout group participated in the opening ceremony of “ Yalla Nefrah Festival “ in Augusta Victoria hospital (Al- Muttala’) for children and parents of cancer patients.
Kutaybah Odeh chairman of board of directors has congratulated the Arab and Islamic nation on the occasion of the prophet’s birthday and he thanked the leadership of the scout group for reviving this great mood ,appreciated their interest and respect for all occasions on the Palestinian people. He also thanked them for their respect for the state of sadness which Silwan was going on by the mourning of the town’s son Ali Dana.
In addition, he appreciated all supporters of the scouts group for their presence, by physical presence and psychological supports. He praised the role of the Palestinian scout in building the society and containing its people, especially in Silwan, because of its specificity and the need of its children to a place containing them and directs their goals and ambitions and refines their personalities, aware of their rights and duties to build a powerful society.