Al-Bustan Scouts Group participated in a volunteer activity in “Al-Makassed Hospital”


As part of its community service activities, Al-Bustan Scouts Group has been working since its inception to observe the foundations of raising “Samed – steadfast” generations over the years, on the basis of developing youth capabilities and promoting the values of self-giving considering ethical systems and societal controls, within the framework of its continuous endeavor to exercise its humanitarian, educational and national role.

In this context, the Al-Bustan Scouts Group participated in a volunteer activity in “Al-Makassed Hospital”, where members visited children’s rooms to distribute gifts, draw smiles, and spread a spirit of hope in their hearts and the hearts of their families.

From his part, the scout leader, commander Hammam Al-Natsheh, said: “The role of voluntary community activities comes within a series of scouting activities that aim to cultivate the personalities of members of the scouting group in order to develop their community, believing in the importance of fulfilling the needs of its members, leaders and the societies to which they belong”. He added, that these activities work directly and indirectly to empower youth and protect children in an inclusive framework that allows them to spend their time positively.

It’s worth mentioning that Al-Bustan Scouts Group participated in some activities for patients and families at “Al-Muttala’ Hospital” two months ago, and they are constantly participating in community, religious and national events, in Silwan and Jerusalem in particular, and the country in general.