Al-Bustan Media Unit leaves to France


The Youth Media Unit of Al-Bustan Association left Silwan to France, where the delegation is headed by a member of the board of directors, lawyer Ameer Maragha, besides the photographers Ali Dowani, Shahd Hasanat and Mohammed Abu Sbeih.
The youth will participate in an intensive training course to build and develop their capabilities supervised by professionals in the fields of media, photography, editing and documentation in the filmmaking.

In a speech to the head of the delegation, Ameer Maragha, he said that the main objective of the establishment of this unit is to document and cover all sports, scouting, cultural and volunteer activities targeting women, youth and children implemented by Al-Bustan Association to form an archive and media reference.

He added that this kind of training is a great opportunity for youth, because it is not only about building their capacities in their respective fields, but is also about acquiring life skills and cultural exchanges that expand their perceptions and increase their inspiration and motivation.

It is worth mentioning that AlBustan Association Silwan gives such opportunities within the plan to build the capacity of youth, for example: The circus group went to France, the football team to Spain, taekwondo team to Turkey, and the Youth Media Unit is the fourth delegation this year to travel to France.