Al Bustan association Silwan,concludes its activities for 2019.


Al Bustan Association silwan
concludes its activities for 2019 in the first winter youth camp In which 35 participants ,administrators, coordinators, and young trainers participated in different training specializations at the association, where the youth camp was held in the tourist village – Jericho for three continuous days, and work was done to motivate young volunteers to proceed with work, as was evaluated work in the Al-Bustan
‏Association in 2019 And come up with constructive recommendations and observations, and the work was done to formulate and develop the strategic plan for the years (2020 / 2021/2022) and prepare an executive action plan for activities and events for the year 2020 with the participation of all workers in the field and in harmony between management and trainers to preserve the involvement of the implementers in the action plan to ensure its success and implementation
‏during Next year.

Kutaybah odeh ,the Chairman of Board of Directors, of Al Bustan Association, Silwan, stated that the goal of the camp has been successfully completed, and there are clear outputs and work plans that will be implemented during the next year and everyone will work side by side to implement it through the programs unit and with the support of all existing specialized units, and we want everyone to start with solutions Thanks al the participants of the association’s activities throughout the year, the trainers and volunteers who participate in the youth camp in particular believers, supporters and real partners who believe in the idea of ​​Al-Bustan neighborhood to remain with its people and homes.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Bustan Association, Silwan, represented Palestine, Jerusalem, and Silwan and carried the name and the logo of “Al-Bustan neighborhood remains to several” to the international forums this year in France, Spain and Turkey, confirmed that Al-Bustan neighborhood is a story that generations carry it with the names of their teams and groups to all the world.