Al bustan association Silwan lighted the second lantern of Silwan


With the participation of the townspeople, from the roofs of their homes and with their commitment to quarantineAl bustan association Silwan lighted the second lantern of Silwan

Al-Bustan Association Silwan celebrated the lighting of “Ramadan Lantern of Silwan” in front of the solidarity tent in Al-Bustan neighborhood, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the first evening of Ramadan, Friday, April 24.the townspeople participated in the activities from their homes, committed to the home quarantine to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.the evening included invocations with Dr. Attallah Nasser and chants with DJ Mix -Mousa Bazbaz.Despite of pain, Silwan lived an hour of happiness , To emphasize its Arabism and Palestinian , and supporting the steadfastness of its people in Silwan neighborhoods in particular, and the city of Jerusalem in general, facing fierce settlement attacks. This celebration comes within a long series of activities and events that aims to spread awareness and time operation during home quarantine, and to implement many cultural and sports initiatives and various Ramadan competitions on social media.From his part, the chairman of board, Kutaybah Odeh, said that what distinguishes the lantern this year is the state of quarantine that the Palestinian people like the people of the whole world, are going through.He added: “The lantern is like a candle in this darkness that haunts everyone these days, but we emphasize to have a ray of hope to tell the world that we deserve life, thanks to Dr. Attallah Nasser, DJ Musa Bazbaz, who volunteered for the evening, which reflects their deep sense of responsibility towards the people of the town, especially during this difficult time”.Then concluded: “this initiative is only a small part of many creative initiatives that will spread hope into the hearts again in the future”