Al Bustan Association Silwan inaugurates a course for sports coaches in cooperation with FSGT – France


Al Bustan Association Silwan inaugurates a course for trainers and athletes of different sports specializing in handball and athletics as a first phase within the program of empowering the sports coaches in the association.

In a speech to the Director of the Association’s programs, Sara Imad Qarain said that the course will be held in partnership with the French Federation of Labor Sports under the slogan of “sports for all”, and that it will be intensive over five days and a large number of professors, teachers and trainers of physical education, and a detailed program has been developed for its success and will include theoretical and practical exercises to come up with a future plan for the next stage, including festivals and sporting events in Silwan.

The program, which is based on the exchange of experiences and skills development, will begin in its first phase by receiving trainers from France who will present the events and integrate the theoretical part by applying a practical application suitable for the Palestinian environment, which suffers from a lack of specialized stadiums and spaces which makes this course valuable and important to convert the spaces to safe places and can be used for children’s play.

Pointing out that this course targets youth from both genders of young ages to graduate degrees in sports, in order to add strength to the experience in the field of sports, adding that this course is part of a larger vision of the association includes empowerment of women, children and youth to a healthy society free of violence and able to improve their environment and refine their skills.