Al-Bustan Association Silwan continues its sports and awareness initiatives during the Coronavirus crisis


During the current stage of home quarantine, and to encourage families to commit staying at their houses, Al Bustan Association Silwan launched a series of sports initiatives, cultural challenges and competitions, which aim to fill in the entire family time.
The initiatives expanded to include challenges, so the association’s instructor, Master Mohammad Al-Tufakji, launched the “Train at Home” initiative, which is number of different training sessions that witnessed a wide interaction between the children and youth athletes’ surroundings, and their interaction was reflected by their participation in training videos for them inspired by Captain Al-Tukfaji.
In a step to encourage the players, another challenge with the same name “Challenge from Your Home” was launched. The challenges relied on training using health paper as an icon for the quarantine, holding a message to encourage and raise the level of hygiene and use any available tools at home for training.
In the next stage, the challenge was reversed to an opposite challenge, in which students challenged the trainer to apply their training.
A group of male and female trainers joined in participating in various challenges, photographed the challenges and shared them on the facebook page, in order to encourage sport to be a lifestyle, and to emphasize their message to the community that highlights the importance of passing the quarantine phase with health, as well.
Basketball coach Shatha Siam also continued to give her motivational training for her students within “Play and Learn” project, in cooperation with Burj Al-Luqluq social center society, and published many interactive videos of exercises she suggested to the team.
On the artistic and cultural side, the trainer Mohammad Abu Farha, launched “Do not Despair” initiative to teach and manufacture circus tools, including lessons to implement and interact with the children and fill their free time in a healthy way, also recycling for purposes used at home that can be exploited.
As for the Dabkeh students, they launched their “No Borders” initiative, to continue the training of the group (Filistia – which is Al-Bustan Association official Dabkeh group) under the supervision and encouragement of their trainer, Tima Al-Ghoul, who painted creative artistic paintings with their steps that framed beautiful moments to broke the barrier, fear and psychological anxiety.
The initiatives also contained Al-Bustan scouts group with their educational messages under the supervision of their leaders, both on social media platforms and in the fields of volunteering, where Commander Hamouda Awadallah launched an initiative: “We have the right to dream” to document their messages and training.
Also in the field, In cooperation with Al-Bustan Association Silwan, the Palestinian Civil Defense volunteers in Jerusalem and the volunteers of Al-Bustan Scouts Group implemented a new field initiative, targeting the awareness of citizens, for the second day in a row, by setting guidelines and brochures to take a safe and healthy distance to organize the lines in front of gathering places, such as supermarkets, bakeries, post offices, pharmacies, bus stations, and other active places.
This initiative was implemented in many neighborhoods in Silwan, as part of a series of initiatives that aims at raising awareness and encouraging people to prevent the rapid spread of the critical phase that the country is going through in the period of Coronavirus, especially in the densely populated town of Silwan.
Children and women also maintain their share in the initiatives that are still going on from the first moments of the pandemic that brought the world together and united its cause. Mrs. Huda Shweiki launched “Snack Time” initiative to prepare healthy meals and drinks for children in distinct forms that are easy for children to prepare.
Specialist Enas Siam also launched “Story of Anous and the Three Princesses” initiative to tell her and her daughters stories before bed, with wonderful educational selections to deliver messages to children to take care of themselves, their bodies, their thoughts and dreams. The stories vary day after day in a lovable and close-to-heart style that breaks fear and dispels boredom.
In terms of encouraging reading, the entrepreneur, Alaa Abbasi, launched the “Reading Challenge” initiative, which roamed the world from one challenge to another, and passed the readers from Palestine to Jordan, then Tunisia and Morocco, to France and Turkey. And the journey continues on the book wings to take us from one country to another.
Many activists, entrepreneurs and initiators participated in poetry and literary readings in the morning, to remind us of the radio broadcasting in the past. Religious prayers started in coincidence with the approach of the month of blessing, Ramadan. Muna Barbar and Mohammad Qarain participated in a series of videos and recordings of selected literary, educational, religious and cultural readings within the series “Mornings with Hopes” initiative.
In addition, photographer Ali Dawani from Al-Bustan Media Unit supervised the preparation and editing of educational films that included nearly 100 influencers in Silwan and Jerusalem, in a huge awareness message to the people of Jerusalem explaining the difficulty of the situation and the need to work together to overcome it, as well as videos that carried out awareness to the children and women of Al-Bustan Association Silwan with the aim of educating the local community and encouraging the step of home quarantine.
The association also launched a drawing competition that helps the participants express their feelings during this period. This competition will continue until the path of life is returned to its nature.
From his side, Chairman of board of Al-Bustan Association Silwan, Kutaybah Odeh, thanked all the initiators and coaches, and praised their great efforts during this critical period the world is going through, and congratulated the Islamic world on the upcoming month of mercy and blessings, Ramadan, wishing that the coming of the holy month would spread blessing and health for all, promising to have specific initiatives for the holy month.
He also thanked the committees and volunteers who worked hand in hand in Silwan to pass them to the brink of safety during the difficult period, noting that the association had also launched “Hadaya al Khair” initiative to distribute parcels to some needy families as a form of solidarity and cooperation between families, praying to God to include everyone with his mercy and kindness, and changes the conditions for the better