Al Bustan Association Silwan concludes its series of activities of Ramadan with a Scouting march.

Al Bustan Association Silwan honors Al Bustan Taekwondo Team 2

Al Bustan Association Silwan concludes its series of activities of Ramadan with a Scouting march

Al Bustan Association Silwan concluded the activities of the holy month of Ramadan with a great Scouting march that toured the streets and neighborhoods of Silwan. The residents of the town welcomed the march, celebrating Eid al Fitr with joy and harmony. The march started near “Bir Ayyub” and continued to reach Ein al-Luza, raising the gathering of Silwan institutions’ flag besides the scouts’ flags. At the forefront were Kutaybah Odeh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Bustan Association, Murad Abu Shafe’, Head of the Committee of Defense and Committee Member Khaled Abu Tayeh, Scout Leaders of Hilal Al-Quds Club, Jalal Taha, Commander Ashraf Najib, Commander Yusuf Jaber, Professor Mohammad Abbasi, Hassan Abbasi and Muhannad Odeh.

It is worth mentioning that the month of Ramadan witnessed many cultural, social and cultural activities, starting with participation in the activities of “Ramadan in Jerusalem is Different” and the lighting of the Jerusalem lantern in cooperation with the Burj Al-Luqluq Association, where the Scout members launched a Scouts march from Al Bustan neighborhood in Silwan through the Maghariba Gate to the old town and Burj Al-LuqLuq.

To light up a few days later at the headquarters of Al Bustan another lantern during an evening of songs and prophecies in the presence of the governor of Jerusalem Adnan Ghaith amid the presence of residents of the neighborhood and number of Jerusalem personalities and representatives of institutions.

The Scout members also participated in the service of fasting people at Al-Aqsa Mosque under the supervision of the Jerusalem Scout Commission and the Welfare of the Palestinian Scout Association throughout the Fridays and “Al-Qadr” night in the holy month.

During the holy month of Ramadan, Al Bustan Scouts group toured various neighborhoods of Silwan, passing from Wadi Hilweh to the Al Maghariba Gate, Al Thouri, and Wad Yassoul, emphasizing the unity of the case in Silwan and the aspiration that the scouts will gather all the children of Silwan under the names of their various neighborhoods to cheer for Silwan

 In addition, Al-Bustan Scouts leaders visited the Jericho Scouts Committee during their invitation to attend the Scouting Exhibition in memory of the Nakba and participate in an Iftar at the Spanish Garden of Jericho.

Moreover, The Taekwondo team, led by coach Mohammed Al-Tufkaji, held an Iftar in Jericho to strengthen the sports spirit among the players followed by a bike ride as a form of training in Ramadan.

Al Bustan Association Silwan also organized an evening of religious excursions and cultural competition under the auspices of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Society of Culture and Development. The program was coordinated by Mr. Mohammed Al-Tufkaji and Mr. Marwan Al-Natsheh, coordinators of Rowad Youth Group, who praised the role of the Jerusalem Societies.

The leaders of Scouts Hamouda Awadallah, Hammam Al Natsheh, Saeed Al-Rishq, Moataz Abu Diab and Ali Abu Sbeih participated in many of Eid al-Fitr and Ramadan evenings. The leader, Hamouda Awadallah, said that these activities open the horizons of the students and lead them to their choices and leave a strong spiritual imprint to them.

Also, through “Silwan al-Khair” campaign, volunteers visited the dilapidated houses to distribute food parcels supported by the Turkish community in the Netherlands during the month of Ramadan in an ambience of happiness, tranquility and spirituality.

From his side, said the chairman of board of directors of Al-Bustan Association Silwan, Kutaybah Odeh, that these activities came as a link between the association and other institutions, and that this spiritual atmosphere carries messages to a conscious and educated generation connected to his land and religion, and is able to challenge the difficulties of this life.