Al Bustan Association Media Unit honors the Deputy Mayor of Nanterre, France.

وحدة الاعلام

Al bustan association’s youth media unit continues its visit to municipality of Nanterre in France and participate in an intensive training in the making of press reports and a short films on the sidelines of events and activities implemented by the municipality on the occasion of the international children’s day.
The delegation met with the deputy mayor Mr.Hassan Hmani and they present a symbolic gift from the association to the municipality, thanking them for their hosting and for their support.
In the presence of the Palestinian ambassador Mr.Salman Herfy, the delegation talked about the life of young people in Jerusalem generally and in Silwan particularly and they expressed their ambition ,dreams and the challenges that facing them.
The delegation also met with youth groups from various districts in Nanterre, they briefed the lives in Palestine, sending their message that they have the right to life and dream”.
For his part, the head of the delegation and the member of the board of directors Ameer Maragha said that delegation bears the responsibility to consolidate a cultural exchange and reflects a bright image to the world about the life in Palestine.
In a statement of Al-bustan association chairman Kutaybah Odeh Thanked the participants for their good representation of Jerusalem and Silwan town also, for their commitment in the intensive training program which also reflects the commitment of the French side in promoting and empowering Palestinian youth and support their dreams.