Al Bustan Association holds a traditional bazaar and evening in the presence of “Silwani Jreisha”

Al Bustan Association holds a traditional bazaar 3

AlBustan Association holds a traditional bazaar and evening in the presence of “Silwani Jreisha”eading Text Here

Al Bustan Association concluded on Thursday 28/2/2019 its activities within the project “Protecting the Palestinian children in Silwan from Israeli violations” in a religious evening hosted by the recitation group, with the distribution of the heritage dish in Silwan “Jreisha”.

The Association has opened on Thursday morning, the “Silwani Bazaar” within the economic, social and cultural empowerment program funded by the Al-Quds Fund and Endowment and the Islamic Development Bank, in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program, and in the presence of the President of the French Saint-Denis province accompanied by a French delegation. Many women’s projects in Silwan participated, such as: food processing, handicrafts, accessories, embroidery, etc., to empower them and support their steadfastness in light of the Israeli occupation attacks in Silwan’s flesh and stone.

The Bazaar was concluded by hosting the residents of Silwan for the initiative of a Jerusalemite youth group with Bashar Abu Shamsieh, and distribution of the “Jreisha” dishes, followed by a traditional musical performance accompanied by Oud player Osama Abu Arafa.

In his speech, chairman of the association, Kutaybah Odeh, welcomed the attendees despite the unstable weather conditions.

He thanked by Al-Quds Fund and Endowment for their continuous support to the Jerusalem institutions, and thanked the steadfast mothers of a-Bustan neighborhood who gave the evening and the cooking to extinguish the authentic character of the evening.

Then he talked about the spirit of initiative and the beauty of circumventing the institutions of the country and supporting each other, hoping that these activities will take place amid the hearts of the audience and leave a clear impression on the community with its positive impact.

The Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Land and real estate in Silwan Mourad Abu Shafe’ spoke about the importance of these activities and events in Jerusalem in general, particularly in Silwan, because of its impact on the Jerusalem street and in the minds of all young and old Jerusalemites The project ” Protecting the Palestinian children in Silwan from Israeli violations”, funded by the Al-Quds Fund and Endowment, included the implementation of legal and psychological meetings for women and children, self-emptying workshops through clay and sculpture, and meetings of the young leadership.