Al Bustan Association Silwan honors Al Bustan Taekwondo Team returning from Kayseri Camp in Turkey

Al Bustan Association Silwan honors Al Bustan Taekwondo Team 2

Al Bustan Association Silwan honors Al Bustan Taekwondo Team returning from Kayseri Camp in Turkey

In the presence of Turkish Master Hassan Kelesh Al Bustan Association Silwan honors Al Bustan Taekwondo Team returning from Kayseri Camp in Turkey.


In the presence of a number of dignitaries and parents of the players, Al Bustan Silwan Association held a ceremony in honor of the taekwondo team who returned from Kayseri camp in Turkey. The ceremony was opened by Dr. Amani Odeh, who accompanied the team during the camp. She welcomed the parents, attendees, and the Turkish coach Hassan Kilic and his family who came from Turkey to attend the honours after they hosted the team during their stay in Turkey.

The ceremony included a number of welcoming and motivational speeches. In his speech, the chairman of board of directors of Al-Bustan Association Silwan, Kutaybah Odeh, welcomed the attendees and thanked the trainers for their cooperation in the work of a successful Turkish-Palestinian camp at a level that benefits taekwondo players, as ambassadors for Palestine and defenders of this generation’s right to life and freedom.

Following the speech of the Turkish Master Hassan expressed his love for the people of Palestine and his desire to provide more to serve and improve the sports in Palestine. He also congratulated the students who surprised him with their high level and blessed their serious and continuous training with their coach, thanking his efforts and high-level training reflected in the performance of his students. Al Bustan Association coach thanked the Turkish coach and congratulated the players and their families for their steady steps to reach the international ranks explaining the difficulties and challenges that have passed through the camp, noting that the success was the result of the patience of the players and their endurance of the harsh training and their level that will take them to professionalism.

Later, in a speech to the audience, Sheikh Mousa Odeh and Mr. Murad Abu Shafea, as members of the Al-Bustan Defense Committee, always followed the children’s sports activities, explaining the specificity of being Jerusalemite and the importance of preserving this generation and supporting its ambitions. They also praised the efforts of Al Bustan Association and its trainers who always give priority to advance the individual and aspire to create a generation of good and steadfast carrying a message of our right to live.

From his side, Mr. Munir Al-Ghoul, a sports journalist, had an intervention as a follower of the sports activities in Jerusalem and Palestine, in which he thanked the association’s invitation and blessed the coach and the team for their activities which he always followed. Hoping that this victory will be extended to all sports until Palestine leaves its mark and win in all fields.At the end of the ceremony, Al Bustan Association honored the team: Khader Sumrein, Malak Sumrein, Ismael Aweidah, Yazan Al Ghoul, Suhaib Qunbar, Yasmin Awad, Ahmad Al Salaymeh, Abdul Karim Ruwaidi, Ahmed Attia, Waqas Shweiki, Mahmoud Abu Shafea, Mohammad Abbasi, Fajr Razem, Youssef Zablah, Ali Siam, Mariam al-Qaq, Maryam Abu Diab, Alaa Abu Diab, Yousra Abu Shaaban, Taleen Hijazi, Huda Zaghal, Dania Karaki, Izz al-Din Abbasi.

The association honored their master trainer Mohammad Al-Tufakji and Turkish coach Hassan Kilic and thanked them for their excellence in planning and implementation.