Al Bustan Scouts Group organizes a scouting trip to “Ain Fara”

“Al Bustan” Scouts Group organizes a scouting trip to “Ain Fara” 2

Al Bustan Scouts Group organizes a scouting trip to “Ain Fara”

Al-Bustan Neighborhood Scouts Group organized a scouting trip to “Ein Fara” Protectorate in the Jerusalem District, with the participation of more than 80 Scout members and leaders, including various scouting and cultural activities.

The tour was part of a series of activities and tours organized by Al-Bustan Association Silwan to support its youth, children and women’s groups. The main aim is to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills, and develop their resilience, which are an integral part of their basic training, in addition to practicing and establishing the Scout‘s ethics.

The tour included the path of “Ein Fara”, where the activities and exercises took place in the nature among the trees, water springs and waterfalls, then the Spanish Garden in the city of Jericho, where the participants had lunch break and then enjoyed swimming and other entertainment activities.

 From their part, scout leaders thanked the members of the group who showed discipline and a desire for continuous development, along with their commitment and endurance and their ability to deal with pressures and overcome challenges and difficulties, and respect the relationship of friendship and mutual trust between them.

While Kutaybah Odeh, Chairman of board of directors of Al Bustan Association Silwan, thanked the leaders and members of the Scout Group, supporting their steps and praising their high mission and efforts towards creating an educated and connected generation, promising them to support them and stand beside them to achieve their dreams in the belief of the slogan “One day, We will be what we want to be”.