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AlBustan Association - Silwan Advancing jerusalem youth Unleash your talents Empowering women creating opportunities
AlBustan Association- Silwan is a youth initiative that started in 2012 under the motto of enabling and incubating the creative, progressive, ambitious, and persevering youth of Jerusalem. 
OUR focus
OUR projects
Throughout the years we were able to craft and master diverse and rich programs that we run efficiently. Those programs do not favor any class of people over the other and through that, we achieve total cohesion and harmony.
Dabkeh team
Taekwondo (M/F)
football team
Progress achieved through education
The children and youth of Silwan- Jerusalem are our main focus, through dedication and care put in the drivers of our programs we believe that culture and education should be at the core of that, and so we craft our mission around enriching the individual and enabling them towards their progressive future.
our news and updates
16 Jul: In Play-Sites, also

Als Bedingung für eine Anfeuerung z.B. muss sich der Spielteilnehmer vergewissern, dass seine Anreizvorschriften eingehalten werden. Damit soll überprüft…

28 Jun: Al-Bustan Association Silwan continues its sports and awareness initiatives during the Coronavirus crisis

During the current stage of home quarantine, and to encourage families to commit staying at their houses, Al Bustan Association…

28 Jun: Al bustan association Silwan lighted the second lantern of Silwan

With the participation of the townspeople, from the roofs of their homes and with their commitment to quarantineAl bustan association…

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